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About us is an established online body jewelry company. Our experience will insure your satisfaction of our items and service. Our head offices are located in Florida and now you have an opportunity to experience our catalog online. Our site is one of the largest websites in the body jewelry business. Here we bring you some of the best and some of the latest of our body jewelry collection.

We offer only the high quality merchandise, manufactured from of the finest materials available. Our selections include jewelry made from 316L Surgical Grade Stainless Steel, .925 Sterling Silver, Solid 14k Gold and Solid Titanium.

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Titanium Body Jewelry

G23 Implant Grand Titanium Body Jewelry

Titanium body jewelry is highly regarded for its exceptional durability, lightweight nature, and hypoallergenic properties. Known for its biocompatibility, titanium is a preferred material for those with sensitive skin or metal allergies, offering a safe and stylish option for all types of piercings.

Titanium is a strong, corrosion-resistant metal that is incredibly lightweight, making it comfortable for everyday wear. Its hypoallergenic properties significantly reduce the risk of irritation or allergic reactions, making it suitable for even the most sensitive skin. Additionally, titanium can be anodized to produce a variety of vibrant colors, adding a unique and personalized touch to body jewelry.

Types of Titanium Body Jewelry:

  • Belly Rings:

    Titanium belly rings are available in various designs, including barbells, jeweled pieces, and intricate dangles. The lightweight and hypoallergenic nature of titanium makes these belly rings comfortable and safe for prolonged wear.

  • Nose Studs and Rings:

    Ideal for nostril piercings, titanium nose studs and rings come in minimalist and decorative styles. The anodized color options provide an opportunity for personalized and vibrant jewelry choices.

  • Earrings:

    The titanium earring collection includes studs, hoops, and huggies suitable for different ear piercings, such as cartilage, helix, and lobe. These earrings offer long-lasting durability and a lightweight feel, making them comfortable for continuous wear.

  • Lip and Labret Jewelry:

    Titanium lip rings and labret studs are perfect for lip piercings, offering both comfort and biocompatibility. Available in various designs and anodized colors, these pieces add a stylish flair while ensuring safety.

  • Nipple Rings:

    Titanium nipple rings are available in barbells and hoops, with options for both simple and ornate designs. The material’s resistance to corrosion and lightweight nature make them a practical and comfortable choice for nipple piercings.

  • Tongue Bars:

    Tongue bars made from titanium are ideal for tongue piercings due to their smooth finish and hypoallergenic properties. These bars come in various lengths and styles, including those with decorative ends, ensuring both functionality and style.