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About us is an established online body jewelry company. Our experience will insure your satisfaction of our items and service. Our head offices are located in Florida and now you have an opportunity to experience our catalog online. Our site is one of the largest websites in the body jewelry business. Here we bring you some of the best and some of the latest of our body jewelry collection.

We offer only the high quality merchandise, manufactured from of the finest materials available. Our selections include jewelry made from 316L Surgical Grade Stainless Steel, .925 Sterling Silver, Solid 14k Gold and Solid Titanium.

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Tongue Ring

Tongue Rings: Snake Eyes, Curved Barbell, Straight Bar Tongue Piercings for Women

Tongue rings are the perfect accessory for those with a flair for fun and funkiness. A tongue piercing screams, "I'm an original!" Surprise everyone with the diversity and designs in your tongue jewelry. With that in mind, it's crucial to ensure that your body jewelry is as unique and outspoken as you are. Choosing the perfect tongue ring for your personality is easy when you shop with us at Body Jewelry. As the original online store online store for body jewelry and accessories, our selection of tongue rings can help you create a fantastic look and showcase your secret piercing. Our high-quality body jewelry is attractive, safe, and brimming with personality.

Tongue rings are sexy, sassy, and fun! We offer tongue rings in gold, surgical steel, titanium, and more. Our collection includes Curved Barbell, Straight Barbell, Straight Bar, Snake Eyes, Snake Bite, Eyebrow Rings, and more. We have everything you need! Our tongue rings start at size 18g and go up to 00g for your comfort. Don't hesitate to step out of your comfort zone and flaunt this amazing piercing with colorful and intricately designed barbell ends.

Explore our selection of tongue rings, including logo tongue rings, basic designs, acrylic tongue rings, titanium barbell tongue rings, industrial barbells, jewel design, Unique/Logo Design, Vibrating Tongue Barbells and 14k gold-plated tongue rings. At Body Jewelry, we're dedicated to helping you find the perfect tongue rings that match your unique style.

How to Care for Your Tongue Piercing

After a professional pierces your tongue and starts you off with a 14g straight barbell, focus on your tongue piercing aftercare routine. This will allow you to switch from your starter ring to any style or size of tongue ring you desire. Our tongue piercing blog outlines the best practices for a speedy recovery, from sticking to soft foods for a week to rinsing with saline solution multiple times a day.

Tongue Piercing Healing Process

Your tongue piercing may require about four to six weeks to heal. However, you can expedite the healing process by taking good care of your tongue. Moreover, you can’t take off your tongue piercing jewelry for a few weeks as the hole will likely close up without any jewelry on it.

Tongues are prone to accumulate bacteria after eating and drinking multiple times a day. Therefore, you need to rinse your mouth at least thrice a day to keep the bacteria at bay.

Here is a list of ways to avoid bacterial build-up around your tongue piercing.

  • Dilute 1/4th teaspoon of non-iodized salt in one cup of water and rinse your mouth for a few minutes after every meal.
  • To avoid sores and irritation on your tongue, eat soft foods during the first two weeks of healing.
  • Avoid smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol until your tongue piercing has healed.
  • Avoid French kiss or oral sex for the four to six weeks of healing.

Once your tongue piercing has healed, you can choose a variety of jewelry for your new piercing. You can count on Body Jewelry to buy high-quality jewelry for your piercings. Visit their online store to select trendy jewelry for your tongue piercings.